Creating Health

So it has been 428 days since I stopped eating the standard American diet.  With very few exceptions (the occasional bite of someone’s dessert or fast food baked potato), I have not had any meat, sugar, white flour, processed foods or junk foods.  I have lost somewhere around 85 lbs, give or take 5.  I have not used a wheelchair or electric scooter in the past six months, turned my oxygen equipment in five months ago, and the only medications I take are ibuprofen and the occasional allergy tablet.

I want to educate others on the importance of eating organic, whole foods.  The chemicals in our foods are killing us, slowly poisoning all of us.  The more organics we can eat the healthier we will be.  And eating foods as close as possible to their natural state is very important.  When foods are heated they lose a large portion of their enzymes and nutrients.  This blog will be about how I got my health back, what I eat and don’t eat, and how I got from where I was to where I am.

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3 Responses to Creating Health

  1. Sandi Sloan says:

    This is terrific, Glo!


  2. glosue says:

    Thanks, Sandi! It is a start. I want to help others with similar disorders learn how to take control of their own health.


  3. This is wonderful to read!


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