Where I Started

On my birthday 2009 my son took me to a steakhouse for dinner.  I had a steak, baked potato loaded with everything you could put on it, sauteed mushrooms, deep fried onion, and lots of bread.  I had to sit at the bar because I did not fit in the booths.  I weighed over 340 lbs.  I could not walk from the car to my desk without stopping to rest.  I was on supplemental oxygen 24 hours a day.  My fibromyalgia was so bad that I was in constant excruciating pain.  I had been diagnosed not only with fibromyalgia, but with COPD, diabetes, high blood pressure, GERD, sleep apnea, and a host of related problems.  The day after my birthday dinner I went to a friend’s birthday party.  It was a typical Texas style cookout.  I had a hot dog, a hamburger, baked beans, potato salad, chips and dips, and several margaritas.  My friend had to help me to my car, not because of the drinking, I was careful about that, but because I had so much difficulty walking all the time.

I had met someone at work who said he had lost a significant amount of weight eating raw vegan and using super foods.  I did my research and knew this was my last hope.  I had tried every diet out there and no matter how religiously I stuck with it, the weight did not come off.  I knew that I was facing total disability or even death if I did not find something that worked for me.  So on May 18th, 2009 I started eating 100% raw, organic, vegan.  Within a month I saw results.  Not only was my weight dropping, but my energy level was going up and my pain level was going down.

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2 Responses to Where I Started

  1. sirak98 says:

    I remember those first few days that you started. Your body gave off huge amounts of toxins- you were sweating that stuff off.
    I had held my breath when you tried Adkins- because I wanted you to win so badly. When you started raw foods I wasn’t sure if you could do it.Where was the Chocolate? How could you not eat meat?
    Well it was a good thing you did !


    • glosue says:

      Yes, it is a good thing I was working from home. No one would have been able to put up with the smell as the chemicals leached from my body through every pore. More proof how many chemicals are in our food supply. I too was skeptical whether or not I could stick with it. But once I saw the scales going down and my energy level going up, I knew I was onto something. Thank you for the support and encouragement you gave me those first few months.


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