Organic Going Mainstream?

While reading one of my favorite blogs – – I ran across this article on some new organic products written by The Organic Foodie. I am definitely going to look for these in my local stores. It is very heartening to see big food companies starting to take notice of the need for organic foods. We need to support this movement by buying these products. If the mega food companies see that this is what their customers want they will make more of them.  Organic Campbell’s Tomato Juice?  Who would have ever thought!  And the Health Valley Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars look yummy!

We need to keep the chemicals out of our foods and out of our bodies and, most importantly, out of our children’s bodies. The damage that is being done to our bodies, our DNA structure, is what is causing most of the health problems in this country. We must drastically reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides!!

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