Has Anyone Seen My Willpower?

Offices are very dangerous places for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Especially those of us whose health depends on making healthy food choices and avoiding most everything main stream. Willpower has never been my strongest trait, but I can be strong when I know my health depends on it. Except when someone shoves a box of chocolate cupcakes in my face. With brightly colored icing. And candy sprinkles. And then sets the box on the corner of my cubicle and leaves it there all day. Sigh. Reminds me of a quote from Mae West “I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it”. I caved. As much as I know what gluten and sugar do to my system, I caved in and had not just one, but two cupcakes during the ten hours that box of cupcakes sat within inches of my face. Yes, I could have moved the box to someone else’s cube.  Did I mention my total loss of willpower?  So today I am facing gnawing hunger pangs because that is what sugar and gluten do to me. Not to mention the increase in my fibromyalgia pain and difficulty breathing.  But I have no one to blame but myself. So today I am going to try to eat nothing but veggies.  Try to avoid anything processed, anything with gluten, or sugar, or chemicals.  If you find my willpower roaming around anywhere can you tell it to come home, I kind of need it?


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One Response to Has Anyone Seen My Willpower?

  1. Okay, I will send it home to you.


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