Healthy and Delicious Can Be Synonymous

OK, so I lost my willpower last week, caved into temptation, and ate cupcakes. Not good. So, to make up for my total lack of ability to control my cravings I am going to ENJOY a totally healthy, totally organic week. I just went grocery shopping and found organic produce at my local Kroger, which is rare. I can’t wait for the Whole Foods to open in two weeks within a few blocks of my house. YAY! I did find organic raisins for the first time at Kroger. Oh, and organic Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. w00t! So I had a salad when I got home, made with organic baby spring mix, an organic tomato, a sprinkle of hormone free cheese and organic ranch dressing.

Now I am making an amazing soup to enjoy for supper every night this week. It should bring back some of the vitality and pain relief I have given up in the name of office junk food. Here is my recipe (will get tweaked with herbs as it continues stewing):
1 head organic cabbage
1 large organic red onion
4 organic tomatoes
2 organic potatoes (for thickening
1 bag organic baby carrots
2 organic lemons (for cleansing and acidity)
1 can organic white beans (vegan protein)
1 head of freshly roasted garlic (drizzled with olive oil, wrapped in foil, in oven for an hour)
sea salt

Already smelling good. Lunch at work will be Amy’s Kitchen frozen organic entrees, snacks will be organic raisins and organic broccoli & carrots dipped in organic ranch dressing. Let’s see how many toxins I can get out of my system without doing a full cleanse or fast. I just do not have the stamina to do a full cleanse or a juice fast when working the long hours I work.  Oh, I also got some Sambazon Acai juice to take to work.  The super foods definitely helped me get my health back and I need to continue to incorporate them into my diet.  So here’s to good health and good eating!

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One Response to Healthy and Delicious Can Be Synonymous

  1. I know you can do it Gloria. It sounds like you have the tools you need this week to make junk food something that can go on the back burner. Thank you for this amazing recipe. This will be the first thing on my grocery list when I go shopping Sunday.


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