One Step Closer

It looks as though my house is sold.  At least we are close to finalizing a deal.  Then there are the steps to get to the closing. Most likely a few more bumps in the road, plenty more stress, and a life in turmoil.  But I am getting excited about being in a new place.  Something smaller, easier to maintain, closer to work (no commute!).  A pool so I can get some exercise without pain. And a small, efficient kitchen that I can hopefully actually use.  I am hoping that once I move and get my life settled back down again that I can take the steps I need to take to get my health back to where it was when I was eating raw, organic, vegan.  I won’t ever be pain free, I will always have fibromyalgia, but I should be able to breathe again, to lose some weight and not be in quite as much pain.  I know it’s possible if I can stop eating the processed foods with all the chemicals in them and eat only foods that are whole, natural, organic, and plant based. One day at a time, looking forward, and never, ever giving up!  Stay tuned for the next installment of my journey back to health.

If anyone has some yummy vegetarian recipes to share that are super easy and fast please post the links.  I have not cooked in years, been eating frozen foods.  Too hard to cook but I need to try. 🙂 

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One Response to One Step Closer

  1. sirak98 says:

    Wow! In Austin. I am amazed at how fast it sold.That is great.


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