Ups, Downs, and Moving Forward

Well, my house was under contract for eight days.  Very good offer.  The deal didn’t work out as we had hoped so we put the house back on the market today.  The good news is there are plenty of people who want the house.  The bad news is I am not moving as soon as I had thought.  I don’t like being in a holding pattern, waiting for my life to change.  I had planned on waiting until I moved and got settled before throwing out all the junk food and getting back to eating right.  But now I am thinking I need to at least make some changes in my diet, even if I don’t go full raw or full vegan.  My breathing has gotten extremely labored and the fibro pain is raging like a wildfire.  So even if I just add some fresh fruits and veggies back into my diet it might help.  But I know from experience it is not so much about what I don’t eat as what I do eat.  I have to stop eating processed foods.  And I have to go organic.  I learned the last time I did this that it is the chemicals in processed foods that make me sick.  So I have to eat organic, whole foods.  I am having a hard time letting go of junk food this time, unlike the last time I did this when I was 100% ready to make that change.  This weekend will be rough with the house being shown again.  But I have to go to either Whole Foods or Sprouts and get some organic produce.  I am craving salads!  Which is a good thing!  

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