What You Focus on You Get More Of

It is the law of the universe. If you focus on lack of something, you will continue to experience lack. If you focus on what you want, need, and desire, and accept that it is already yours, you will get more of that. It is just the way things work. I have been focusing on being healthy, eating what makes my body feel good, exercising not because I have to but because it makes me feel better, and now it is easy. It is not punishment, it is rewarding myself and rewarding my body for providing my needs. I am grateful and thankful to still be alive and able to work. I rejoice every day that I am capable of getting up and going to work. And every day that I give my body what it needs, a plant based, mostly raw, healthy diet, and at least 30 minutes of exercise, I am feeling better and better. Yes it will take time. One day at a time. But this time is different. I changed my thinking, not just my diet. I use daily mantras and affirmations to reprogram my mind to stay positive, focus on what I want and where I am going instead of focusing on what I don’t have or what I was. So keep focused on your goals and dreams and replace any negative thoughts with positive ones and you too can achieve anything!

Read The Power of Thankfulness

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