Choices and Voices

We have so many choices every day.  Big ones and small ones.  Most we do not even think much about.  Some we stress over.  We need to start being more mindful of our choices and using our voices (and our pocket books) to make our choices count.  Do you ever think about how the media, whether that is TV, the Internet, print advertising, or whatever form it takes, manipulates you?  We are bombarded constantly with advertising.  And it is all designed to manipulate us into purchasing that product.  Regardless of whether we need it or not, want it or not, or whether it will benefit us or not.  I mute all commercials on TV because I hate them.  The funny thing about that is I see commercials as a joke.  The latest trend seems to be dancing.  It doesn’t matter if they are selling cars or cereal, if you buy that product you will start dancing.  Really?  If I buy this particular food product or makeup or bug spray or any myriad of products, I will suddenly be able to dance like a fool and even ride a bicycle or climb a mountain.  I am all for capitalism, I have owned several businesses, but I am also strong on ethics.  And I find nothing ethical about the way most products are marketed.  Not to mention how they are produced.

If you had a choice, if you were informed, what would you choose?  Do you think manufacturers should be required to disclose in their advertising whether or not their products are tested on animals?  Companies have a choice.  There are plenty of companies, and products, not tested on animals.  You have a choice.  The problem is unless you specifically go hunting and do research you don’t know if a product you buy is tested on animals or not.  I think most people assume they are not.  When you see beautiful women dancing with mascara  (not naming names due to liability but they are the ones you all know and love and use every day) you have no idea that the product you have been using most of your life blinds a hundred thousand beagles a year.  Or that your makeup causes pain, suffering and death to cats, dogs and rabbits.  I do believe that if people knew that and knew they had a choice they would choose the kinder alternative.  And there are plenty of companies that don’t test on animals.  Some of which you would be familiar with. It is all about choices.  And making your voice heard.  Tell the companies to disclose their testing practices so you can make informed choices.  And let your pocket book be your voice.  If we stop buying these products they will get the message and change to meet consumer demand.

There are plenty of lists online of companies that do, and do not, test their products on animals.  If you are looking for a specific product just search for ” is <product> cruelty free”.  Companies and products have to meet certain criteria to be certified cruelty free.  Here is one of my go-to lists:
Leaping Bunny Approved Brands

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