Keeping it Positive

Sometimes I need to take my own advice and remind myself the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and always being grateful and thankful for all the good things in my life.

Descending into the vegan world and allowing myself to read about and view stories of the atrocities and horrors of the way humans treat sentient beings was starting to affect my ability to maintain my positive thoughts and my joy.  I have to step back and remind myself that I will not be able to help anyone or make positive changes if I don’t stay positive myself.  If I allow myself to sink into depression I am not benefiting anyone, including the animals.  I have to remember to start and end each day with my mantras and affirmations.  It is important that we spend time each day centering and grounding, meditating or at least de-stressing.  Maintaining a positive attitude has so many benefits.  Not only does it help us to experience all the joy life has to provide but it also helps us help others.  By being grateful, thankful, and joyful we can inspire others and help pull them out of their dark places.

From Raccoon Poop to Pansies From my first book, From Raccoon Poop to Pansies, “Think of it this way, the more positive energy you add to the mix, the more positive the world’s energy level becomes.  Another way to pay it forward, the more you send out positive thought waves, the more other people feel good being around you, and the more they want to learn your “secret” for being so happy and positive all the time.  By teaching others these simple, yet powerful, principles, you can help them to turn their lives around and move closer to their dreams.”  

No matter what life throws at you or how helpless you feel, always know that you can do anything you put your mind to by maintaining a positive attitude, believing in yourself and never, ever giving up!


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