Positive Advocacy

In my ongoing quest for knowledge and information that will enable me to help people, animals and the planet, I have run across a very good term that describes perfectly what my mission in life is. I have learned that staying positive and putting forth a positive message is the best way to both help people and gain their trust and attention. By putting forth a negative message you push people away before they can hear your message and you also reduce your own strength by emanating out to the universe negative thoughts. I found this great site that is a perfect explanation of positive advocacy as it applies to trying to facilitate positive change in the world.

Positive Advocacy 101
“Positive Advocacy is the application of positive psychology and the psychology of self-change to the field of animal advocacy. Unlike positive thinking, positive psychology is a well-researched field, based on the scientific study of the strengths and qualities that enable us to flourish. It rests on the hypothesis that we have a deep need to live a meaningful and rewarding existence, to nurture our humanity and to experience our daily activities to the fullest (love, work, play, and of course… animal advocacy).”

The more I learn about the industries, policies and laws (or lack thereof) throughout history regarding the foods we eat, where they come from, how they are produced and how uninformed the majority of consumers are, the more my mission in life becomes crystal clear.  I fully intend to research, learn, study and read everything I can on how this entire system of injustices and atrocities has been allowed to develop to where it is at today and how it affects all lives, including the workers in these industries as well as the health of our nation.  I plan to be a positive advocate of change, working to educate people through community outreach, online presence, personal appearances, as well as attending festivals and other events where our message can be promoted.  I do not intend to tell anyone how they should live their lives or what they should or should not eat.  My goal is to inform and educate so that everyone can make the right choice for themselves in terms of their health, what is right for society, what is right for all living beings.  I hope you join me in becoming educated about where the food on your plate comes from and how it is produced.  I know you all want only what is best for yourself, your family and everyone on planet earth.

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