Release Expectations

If there is one thing I have learned in my *hiccup* years is to not set expectations.  When you set expectations that something is going to happen a certain way, and then it does not, you open yourself up to sadness, anger, frustration and pain.  You lose your joy, cause yourself stress and forget to focus on what is important.  It all goes back to releasing the attachment to the outcome.  That does not mean releasing the attachment to a person, a dream or a goal.  It just means that you release the expectation that things will happen a certain way.  If you set a goal or put forth the intention for something you want to manifest in your life you have to allow for all possibilities.  By attaching to a particular outcome you are limiting what the universe brings to you.  Dream the dream, set the goal, put forth clear intentions, then release it to the universe and allow it to happen in the manner that fulfills your heart’s desire.

Once you release the attachment and allow for all possibilities you will experience a new level of freedom and peace because you know that everything will happen as it is intended and when the time is right.  By trying to force something to happen a certain way and in a certain time, you are manipulating the outcome and may come up short of the wondrous possibilities that await you.  So dream bigger, set the most glorious goals, release the attachment, then sit back and watch things unfold in the most magical of ways.

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