Transformation Update – The Healing Continues

Today is day 208 of being fully plant based, vegan. No animal products of any kind. I have not updated everyone in a while so here is the latest.

Total weight lost to date is 43 pounds.
Blood sugar level this morning was 65, which is actually lower than normal.
No more need for supplemental oxygen. My O2 level stays in a safe range without it.
Blood pressure continues to be in a healthy normal range.
Pain level continues to decrease.
Walking and exercise increasing slowly so as to not over tax my body which was not able to move for so long. Daily steps / exercyle totaling 5000 – 6000 steps.
Doing housework for the first time in at least ten years.

I am so very thankful and grateful that I found out the truth about the dangers of meat and dairy products and what they do to our health. Too many people don’t know, or don’t want to know. But it is time people learned the truth that has been hidden behind big industry lies for far too long. Wake up and learn! Take control of your health. It is not difficult to give up meat and dairy. There are plenty of alternatives today. The plant based market is growing by huge percentages. I have had many people ask me how to go plant based and everyone I have helped has seen dramatic improvements in their health and chronic conditions in only a few short weeks. If you want to be healthy and live a life of freedom from medications do what everyone is learning – go plant based!

If you want help getting started on a plant based lifestyle feel free to email or message me.  I am more than happy to help.  I want everyone to know the freedom this lifestyle brings and the abundant health!

Watch What the Health and Learn the Truth!

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