I get a lot of questions about how I stay motivated, or people say things like “I just can’t get motivated to lose weight”, or “I can’t give up (insert your favorite food)”. I thought I would share what gave me my motivation to get started and what keeps me focused on continuing to eat healthy and exercise.

When my desire to be healthy and strong, and to eliminate my dependence on the medical establishment overcame my desire to indulge my cravings, it became an easy decision. Fear of not being able to care for myself, or ending up in an assisted living situation, is much stronger than my desire for the temporary pleasure of eating something that is not healthy or nutritious.

As for being vegan, that one was super easy. When the light bulb went off and showed me that animals ARE NOT FOOD there was no more desire to eat beautiful, loving beings. The hard part was making the healthy choices, not eating vegan junk food. That is where the motivation comes in. And that is where the desire to be healthy is a daily choice, a daily, meal-by-meal decision to be the very healthiest I can be.

It is really as simple as finding in yourself the desire to be healthy, to have the best quality of life you can, to be the very best version of YOU that you can. It is not about living longer, it is about enjoying living every single day. You have to stop thinking of food as a reward and think of it as fuel for a healthy body.

Which is more important to you? Enjoying ten minutes of pleasure from a piece of cake or being able to be stronger, healthier and able to do more for yourself? Make the choice that helps you be the person you want to be.

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